Look at this photo. “Don’t judge me!” he cried. One person wagged a finger at him and the other apparently checked for head lice. I feel this young man’s pain. His only crime was getting caught. I mean, come on guys – who amongst us hasn’t stolen a bra off a clothes line? It’s practically a rite of passage! Not that I’ve done it, of course. I just … heard rumours. If I needed a bra, I’d buy one, just like any other red-blooded Canadian man. Not that I need one, of course. I’m just saying that if I did, I’d purchase it legally. No, no – you wouldn’t catch me stealing some strange woman’s bra late at night, on a quiet side of town, in a secluded backyard, surrounded by willows, so someone could enter a contest dressed up as Winona Ryder. What put that into your mind? And what’s wrong with entering a contest when you’re a struggling student in desperate need of the $500 prize money? Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m condoning any of this. I’m sure it was all perfectly acceptable behaviour. It’s all in the past now. It is acceptable behaviour, don’t you think? Not that I’m asking you to judge someone who you’ve never met. I’m not fishing for sympathy here. Just looking for some consolation to send along to any young man who finds himself in this predicament. Is that too much to ask?


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