On October 21, I’m going to vote for Jagmeet Singh (NDP). He’s earned my vote. I think he’s worked very hard and comes across as grounded, sensible, relatable and straight forward. I don’t care for Trudeau; he’s riding his father’s coattails, in my opinion. I cannot tolerate nepotism. I cannot stand rich, spoilt brats who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it (e.g. dressing up in black face). Why must they act like that? Prince Harry, anyone?


Trudeau saw fit to attack Premier Ford’s attempted cuts to provincial autism funding, but he has not developed a national autism strategy. He’s done nothing for autistic people. I can’t stand hypocrisy either! There are no federal services at all in Canada for autistic adults. Appalling, really.

Singh has stated that he is willing to form a coalition with the Liberals to stop the PCs coming into power. So, voting for Singh is a win-win situation. It’s two birds with one stone: send Trudeau a message and keep the PCs out of power!

Check out the action here:



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