Blue Halloween buckets? This is so frustrating. These days, it seems “autism” news is either angry, negative, depressing or of no real consequence – like this idea.

By Madeline Farber | Fox News


I don’t see how this will work. Kind of hard to see a blue Halloween bucket at night! I guess the makers mean well, but I think there are far better things to worry about that deserve public attention and funding. Who out there hasn’t heard of autism by now? The term was coined in 1911! Also, as an autistic person, I LOVED Halloween; it was one of the few times I felt really alive and a part of things. I wanted to follow the tradition closely – loving every detail. EVERYONE was masking for a change – not just me! I felt I could be myself, and everyone else around me appreciated and celebrated that. So, why do superficial accommodations need to be made? Change the colour of a pumpkin – really? Is there so little happening to support autistic people that this nonsense becomes news? These are troubling times, my friend. Troubling times. Then the plot thickens …

I’ve just read that the reason these pumpkins are blue is because that is the official colour of Autism Speaks. Apparently, they are behind this scheme. I’ve yet to see clear evidence of this, although they have come out in support of it. In addition, some people are concerned that this blue pumpkin will confuse people, since there is already a special pumpkin for children with food allergies.

Remember the simple days when you got into costume, rang a doorbell, held out a pillowcase and hoped for the best? I miss those days. Happy days.

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