If you want to know more about autism then ask an autistic person – like me!

My name is Cameron – and I am autistic (“Hello Cameron!”). I am open to discussion and helping others. In fact, I considered pursuing a PhD related to assisting autistic adults, completed tons of research and planning, but came to the honest conclusion that I have enough trouble dealing with my own problems, let alone taking on everyone else’s. I’ve been told many times that I take on too much and I overwork myself, because I do not want to let other people down. Anyway, that brings me to this blog; I have not (could not) given up completely on sharing my wealth of experience and helping others, whether on the spectrum or not. Thus, I’ve collected all my responses to questions, comments and concerns from various Facebook groups I belong to; simple format – Q and A. In addition, you’ll find my perspectives on the world around us, as seen through an autistic lens.

Thanks for having a look into my world and I hope you enjoy your visit!