Welcome to my first serialized novel, ‘Once Upon a Time in Transylvania’. I’d describe it as a ….

‘A blood-soaked, surrealistic saga set in the early 1900’s. When two ruthless American businessmen bring the promise of progress to a small Transylvanian village, violence and greed follow close behind. The target of their ruthless ambition is the lifeblood of the inhabitants – the forest. When company employees start meeting horrible fates, local superstition becomes all too real. An army of heavily armed bounty hunters is unleashed with two main targets: the Count, a vampire teetering on the last branch of his family tree, and Cedru – leader of the werewolves – whose ancient hunting grounds are under threat. As the violence escalates, the Count faces multiple threats including a century long feud with the werewolves, the return of his estranged wife and extinction beneath the march of capitalism. With the odds stacked high against him, the Count fights to save what he holds dearest in epic “Once Upon a Time in the West” fashion.’

This series is the only official record of the controversial lost film ‘C’era una volta in Transilvania’.

I will update this page regularly with new chapters, so stay tuned!