Cameron Straughan
Chatham - Jewel of the Medway

Bio: Cameron A. Straughan is a Canadian writer, photographer, film maker, and primary teacher. His writing has appeared in several popular publications including ‘Satire: The Journal of Contemporary Satire’, ‘The Dream People Online Literary Journal’ and ‘Black Cat 115’. He has performed his short stories at several open-mike events; including readings in Windsor, Ontario, and throughout Vancouver, BC. His award-winning humorous films have appeared in many festivals around the world. He currently resides in Chatham - Jewel of the Medway - mere footsteps from the Dickensian splendour of Rochester, UK. He operates Kadath Press and has recently published two short story collections - "Neurotica" and "The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen". His first serialized novel, "Once Upon a Time in Transylvania", is now available on JukePop.com. He is a member of the City of Rochester Society, Rochester Film Society and Anim-Mates - a charity that rescues, cares for and rehomes unwanted and abandoned animals of all shapes, sizes, and ages in northwest Kent and southeast London. Will you help me find humour in the mundane? Will you join me as I struggle to find meaning amongst all the nonsense? Will you sit down next to me in my search for peace and happiness? Will you explain to me how small pieces of gravel always find their way into my footwear no matter what style I am wearing or what surface I am walking across? Note: every effort has been made to ensure images and text from outside sources are referenced. Often, a hyperlink will lead you to the original source. If you are a copyright holder and would like reference to your images and/or text removed, then please contact me. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cameron, Thanks for the follow. I can’t admit to being a ‘mad as hell’ but sometimes I get quite cross. Intend to do better in Q3/Q4. Dick


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