Below are the best albums and films I saw in 2014. Not all of them were released in 2014. Increasingly, I turn away from contemporary culture to uncover some gems from the past.


Best Albums I Discovered in 2014

  1. Jeopardy and From The Lion’s Mouth and All Fall Down Box set, Collector’s Edition – The Sound
  2. World Peace Is None of Your Business – Morrissey
  3. Singles – Future Islands
  4. Inform Educate Entertain – Public Service Broadcasting
  5. Breakfast – Teleman
  6. The Virgin Years (1980 – 1985) – John Foxx
  7. One Breath – Anna Calvi
  8. Son of My Father – Giorgio (Moroder)
  9. Avonmore – Bryan Ferry
  10. Dunes – Gardens & Villa

Best Movies I Discovered in 2014

  1. Wake in Fright
  2. Jodorowsky’s Dune
  3. Sorcerer (1977)
  4. Snowpiercer
  5. Electra Glide in Blue
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy
  7. Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
  8. The Raid 2
  9. Cops and Robbers (1973)
  10. Under the Skin

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