The Prerealist logo

The Prerealist logo

Prerealism originated in Windsor, Ontario, Canada back in March of 1995. Originally, it was developed in conjunction with the local open-mike poetry scene. Prerealism’s mission was simple: inspire people to create and hopefully get involved in open-mike events. A variety of people became involved in Prerealism, including writers, poets, painters, and musicians – all from different backgrounds and age groups. Meetings, displays, and special open-mike events were organized. Although only one essay on Prerealism was published, the general concensus was that the ideas behind Prerealism, and the essays themselves, were benificial and really did inspire people to create – be it writing, painting, drawing, or music. Thus, the original essay, and two additional notes, are being made available here for the very first time. It is hoped that you will find them inspirational – or at least interesting!
Please choose from the following:

  • Essay on Prerealism – An Introduction to Prerealism
  • Further Notes on Prerealism – Comparison to Surrealism, Intent, Mechanics, Defining Prerealist Work
  • Prerealist Exercises – Six Excercises to Help Encourage/Inspire Creativity

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