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Meticulously curated, this compilation traces the entire history of glam rock from its rhythmic roots in the 50’s through to the 60’s and the ongoing influence it has had on post-punk, the new romantics, new wave, synthpop, indie, fashion, cinema and recent acts. To my knowledge, and correct me if I’m wrong, such a compilation has never been created before.

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This compilation captures the spirit of glam with its unique rhythms and characteristic flourishes. Expect lots of blues influenced chug-chug guitars; heavy piledriver, tribal drumming; chants; soaring, anthemic choruses; lashings of early Moog synthesizers; fifties rock influences; androgyny; and sci-fi themes. Much more than just lipstick and platform shoes, glam rock was musically playful, experimental, and forward thinking; a sound that even managed to influence disco, dance music and techno. Bowie and Roxy Music in particular – especially Roxy Music’s diverse blend of musical influences and danceable rhythms – acted as a bridge between the early 70’s glam scene and the music and fashion scenes of the late 70s and early 80’s.

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I used to DJ a club night called “Performance” – named after the film of the same name. To my knowledge, we were the first club night in the noughties to openly advertise that we played glam rock. This compilation contains many of the tracks I played regularly at Performance. It also contains many curios, rarities, and obscure tracks including freak rock and Nederglam (AKA: Dutch glam rock). It is no means a comprehensive history, since it is biased by my personal tastes. Thus, it does not contain glam poseurs (like Elton John and Rod Stewart), 80’s hair metal, Guns n’ Roses, Oasis and Marilyn Manson. So rest assured, this is the best glam collection you’re likely to come across!

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Please note that in light of recent charges against him, there is no Gary Glitter in this compilation. I do, however, include The Glitter Band – Gary’s former backing band. Do not confuse these two artists – the Glitter Band are completely separate from Gary Glitter. For more information, please see the legal notice on their web site at: http://www.theglitterband.co.uk/legal/ where you can download “THE GLITTER BAND AND GARY GLITTER – A Band Statement” drafted by a solicitor.

lou reed

Like the shoes used in the featured image? You can view them here:


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