Accents. This post is about accents. I guess I have one. It must stand out. Last week, I called up a local takeaway that I haven’t ordered from in four or five months. When I said I’d like to place an order, the man answered: “What would you like, Cameron?” I once called a local cab company – something I rarely do – and when I asked for a cab the woman replied, “What time do you need it, Cameron?”. gie5penkT

People place a lot of emphasis on accents over here. I find it odd when I’m told I sound Irish. It happens once in awhile (perhaps when I drink, I thought). Thought nothing of it. However, when I was at the Suede concert last Saturday (outstanding, by the way), I got into a conversation and the inevitable question came up – where are you from? My stock response is “my mother’s belly”, but she was attractive and it was raining; didn’t seem prudent. When I answered properly, she told me I sounded Irish. When I asked where she came from – Northern Ireland. So I guess there must be something to it!

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