I was on the tube after work, travelling back home. Someone was reading a newspaper, flipping through it quickly. It was crowded, but I thought I caught a glimpse – something about “David Bowie RIP”. My mind reeled. Was I mistaken? Was it some sort of gimmick for his new album? I waited, peering around commuters, but the man did not turn back to that page for me to double check. Then I recalled a text message received earlier, but could not check at the time. With trepidation, I checked it and – sure enough- it expressed shock at the loss of David Bowie. Still hard to believe, considering I just bought his new album and Key and I discussed him over the Christmas break, and in particular the large Bowie book I got as a gift. I first caught a glimpse of him back in 1972, when I was watching the news with my Grandmother, and I’ve been fascinated with him ever since – always will be. RIP. You will be missed.


This compilation is dedicated to your genius.


Mojo just published “David Bowie’s 100 Greatest Songs”. I’m somewhat disappointed with it, so I’ve compiled my very own playlist! Hope you enjoy it; and why not compile and share your Bowie playlist TODAY?

bowie man who fell iconBowie Performance icon


Cameron’s Favourite Bowie Songs of All Time

Cameron’s Favourite Bowie Songs of All Time

3 thoughts on “What are YOUR Favourite Bowie Songs of All Time? – UPDATE

  1. Has everyone forgotten about “Blue Jean”? Everybody’s talking about their favorite Bowie song and no one mentions “Blue Jean” or its accompanying Julian Temple short film “Jazzin’ for Blue Jean”. Whatsamattet with you people!


    • Hi. Blue Jean in definitely in there! I LOVE that song and when the video came out I couldn’t get enough of it. I seem to be one of the few who defended “Tonight”. I also really like “Loving the Alien” (another great video) and his cover of “God Only Knows”.


      • I’m going to add in a FB conversation with my brother, Key, along with my reply below.

        Key: This was my first and favorite videos from David Bowie growing up. I know it isn’t one of his greatest hits.I loved his make up and I loved how he referenced Arabia. If you study transvestite history you will see a history of Arabian clothing- what with Valentino and Lawrence of Arabia. I love how he was watching himself – his conventional self was watching the totally cool self. Always be your totally cool self is what I learned from David Bowie. And always shine a spotlight on others.

        Cameron: Recall wanting to buy the album but had no money. Walking to GDCI, found ten dollars on the sidewalk. Immediately went to Sam the Record Man / Radio Shack and bought it!

        Key: It was meant to be. Also incredible that Sam in Goderich had it.


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