I just watched this video by Scotty Kilmer. Scotty is the rarest of breeds – an honest mechanic.


Now, I’ve always dreamt of refurbishing a classic muscle car with an EV engine; I’m all for choice of engine – be it gas, hybrid or electric – dependent upon consumer needs and economic situation. (For more about my fondness for hydrogen, which I own stock in,  see my blog post on “The Hydrogen Economy“)

But watching Scotty’s video, it struck me that there may be an insidious, hidden agenda behind government pushes to adopt electric vehicles. Please don’t accuse me of being too paranoid; I do live in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, after all. Sorry!

The video got me thinking. If most vehicles in each community were electric, it would be very easy for the government to just push a button (literally!) and stop people from travelling altogether. You will power nothing and be happy (updating that all-too-familiar mantra). They could not do the same with gasoline, since it can be stored in various places without the need for advanced scientific or engineering knowledge. You may wonder why they’d want to do this, but please keep in mind the controversial lock-downs and my government’s refusal to allow Canadians to renew their passports in a timely manner.

“Hear no Power” by svale is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

So, could the push for EVs be an underhanded attempt at controlling the population? After all, the electric grid could be tweaked to allow one part of the country access and another, with less than agreeable views, gets literally left in the dark (what say you, Alberta?). There certainly won’t be another trucker convoy!

What are your thoughts? Please share them below.

Thanks for reading.

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Hear no Power” by svale is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.



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