Had an AMAZING night last night at this Bowie tribute. Hadn’t been out dancing in so long. It was great dancing to the likes of “Be My Wife”, “Always Crashing in the Same Car”, “Absolute Beginners”, “Station to Station”, “Sound and Vision”, “Cracked Actor”, and my all-time favourite “Teenage Wildlife” (FINALLY got to dance to that song, somewhere outside of my flat, that is. So happy they played it for me). What a great, diverse crowd – in Bowie’s old stomping ground, no less. Afterwards, a walk to the site of Bowie’s first public performance. Formerly the Three Tuns pub (now Zizzi!), on Beckenham High Street. Flowers, messages, and photos mark his passing there. A truly transcendental evening. Can’t think of a better way to commemorate this man who has meant so much to me.



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