Hmmm ….. seems EVERYONE is wondering how this important film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with an outstanding performance by David Oyelowo, was denied Oscar nominations for the film’s director (would have been the first for an African American woman!) and actors. From what I gather, the film is all the more incredible since they were not allowed to use King’ original speeches. Come again? Didn’t King campaign for freedom of speech? How is this possible? Well, apparently King’s estate had exclusively licensed the speeches to Steven Spielberg for his future Martin Luther King Jr. biopic, which I’m certain will be full of neo-liberal handwringing and star a sympathetic white lead. Wait a minute. I think it’s time to jump aboard the ship and check for rats! Let’s look at the facts: Selma snubbed by the Academy. Steven “Hey, remember ME?” Spielberg wants to make his King film. Selma snubbed by the Academy. Now I wonder – did the Academy purposely ignore the film’s lead and director, preferring to wait for Spielberg’s epic vision? Does Spielberg have enough power to help Selma pass under the radar? Is this how things work in the land of the free – the seat of democracy? Then again, I could be wrong. Time will tell. However, I’m VERY interested to see what Spielberg comes up with. It will be interesting to compare the two films, and even MORE interesting to see if the Academy snubs HIM!

4 thoughts on “Selma – A Conspiracy of Spielbergian Proportions … or just bad timing?

  1. Interesting thoughts – will definitely keep an eye on this as it goes. For what its worth – here are my 2 cents:
    It was one of the best pictures of the year and got nominated in that category. With regards to direction, DuVernay was good,but there didnt seem to be any groundbreaking or risky directorial choices/methods used in Selma say compared to Birdman, Grand Budapest or Boyhood (as much as I dislike that film). Many other great directors missed out that years especially Damien Chazelle for Whiplash.
    For me the bigger controversy was Oyelowo missing out on an Acting nod – especially since Bradley Cooper got one. Then again there are always more than 5 amazing performances per year!

    All that being said, it is a very important and exceptionally good film.


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