Neurotica CreateSpace Cover

Bring a pot of absurdity to a boil then add liberal doses of humour, two cups surrealism, and a pinch of mystery. Mix thoroughly. Separate into sixteen portions, cool to room temperature, sit back and enjoy as a man discovers that the girl of his dreams is definitely not as she appears. A wayward angel stiffs someone for a restaurant bill. Canada is governed by an agreeable and popular polymorphous blob that cannot see, hear, or speak. An innocent man awakens in a courtroom to find himself on trial for spurning a young woman. A guilty man is awakened and handed a package that he ignores at his own peril.

Within these sixteen short stories you will travel into another dimension – a dimension of the mind. A journey into a fantastic realm where imagination knows no bounds. Where dreams and reality make strange bedfellows and logic and madness fight for the blanket. That’s the signpost up ahead— your next stop, Neurotica!

FREE from June 5 to June 9 on Amazon. Don’t miss out!

4 thoughts on “In honour of Twin Peaks Season 3 – FREE eBook for lovers of absurd, surreal wit!!

    • Glad to meet a fellow fan. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I don’t think this type of wit is in vogue, so it’s always nice to come across fellow admirers. Thanks for writing and I hope you enjoy my particular brand of wit. Cheerio, Cameron.


    • Hello Madeleine. I’m really sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know about it. The Smashwords site is showing me that it is – in fact – free and I can download it for free. What did they charge you for it? I may have to look into this further. Cheerio, Cameron


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