Hello Dear Readers,

I hope not to toot my own horn too often during this traffic jam we’re all stuck in, but when I get some good news I’m tempted to share it. After all, happiness is a stubborn window that cracks open once in awhile, so best to let the fresh air flow.

My book “The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen” has received another 5/5 review. I am particularly impressed by this review. The reviewer, Kajori Sheryl Paul, clearly knows her surrealism, satire and absurdism – and how it mirrors contemporary existence.

Feel free to view it here:


This is one more positive step up the ladder towards the top floor – Peace, Comfort and Understanding (one floor above Pet Supplies). I guess I could take the elevator, but I’m old school through and through. Floundering in a sea of digital media, this is a life preserver keeping my head above water.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,










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