Part of my “late stage autism” is coming to grips with societal norms, practices and vernacular that simply do not apply to me. I guess as I age, and get more and more tired keeping my head above water in a neurotypical world, I just don’t care like I used to; the mask is slipping. The saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees” is a prime example.

Why would I want to see the entire forest? Bit pushy, isn’t it? When I go hiking, it is individual trees that I want to see. I’d like to take my time doing it too. I have no expectation of seeing the entire forest. In fact, the thought of it makes me anxious –  counter to the very reason I go hiking in the first place.

I have my own sense of time and place. If, in my own roundabout way, I eventually see the entire forest that is fine, but I am in no rush. I’d like to appreciate each tree individually, as I slowly and carefully consider what is around me.






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