Do you believe in destiny? Is coincidence proof of a higher intelligence – God or matrix – guiding us along a predetermined path?  Then read on!

I was returning to the remote wilds of Val-d ‘Or, after a week way down south in Goderich – Jewel of Lake Huron. It was a fantastic day for traveling – clear, warm weather and very little traffic. As usual, I was listening to music, eyes glued to Highway 11, north. I was relaxed, reflective and glad to be on the road again.

I was listening to a live recording of New Order (Dec 1985, Manhattan Club, Leuven, Belgium) I downloaded off YouTube. The Prefect Kiss was playing; a favourite of mine, ever since Low Life introduced me to the band via the wonders of audio cassette, way back in 1985. Lost in music, with the pines and asphalt whizzing by, I found myself wondering – where is Bernard’s cowbell solo? Did I miss it? Did they forget to do it during that show? Do I have to rewind? Am I not paying attention? Did I drift off? Suddenly, I was sent a sign.

No sooner had I thought about Bernard’s cowbell solo than the sign appeared, approaching fast on the right shoulder. It read “Cowbell Lane” in bold white letters across a dark green background. And as soon as it appeared, the great Bernard Sumner finally broke into that singular cowbell solo – and blew my mind!

How’s that for coincidence? Did the universe crack open, pouring over me, signalling me to pay attention to its many wonders, taking nothing for granted? Or was it just a brief distraction from a rather mundane drive through cottage country? I’ll let you decide; but for my money, it was a welcome addition to a beautiful day – The Perfect Kiss, indeed.

And now, for your listening enjoyment …

One thought on “More Cowbell?

  1. Bruce Dickinson” and tells the band they have “what appears to be a dynamite sound”. The first take seems to go well but the band stops playing because the cowbell part is rather loud and distracting. Dickinson, to the surprise of most of the band, asks for “a little more cowbell” and suggests that the cowbell player, Gene Frenkle ( Will Ferrell ), “really explore the studio space this time”. Frenkle’s exuberance in following this advice causes him to bump into his bandmates as he dances around the cramped studio, thrusting his pelvis wildly in all directions, and the band aborts another take.


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