Just $0.99 for the Gift of Fun and Humour!

Show your significant other how much you care by gifting them with some Anthony Zen this Valentine’s Day.


From Feb. 10 to Feb 17,  the Kindle ebook is ON SALE FOR $0.99. That’s a $5 savings – enough to buy that perfect Valentine’s card to go along with it, or put a down-payment on those overpriced boneless chicken breasts you’ve had your eye on.


Here’s some recent praise for Anthony Zen …

“FIVE STARS. A mind-bending journey of extremely well-crafted nonsense. Someway between an adult Alice in Wonderland and Monty Python, ‘The Surreal Adventure’ is the absolutely bonkers tale of Anthony Zen, a strangely endearing man of indeterminable age and ability, but nevertheless really rather sad, voiced in a collection of mundane daily occurrences which somehow metamorphoses into something resembling a particularly successful meal of magic mushrooms. ”
BookViral Reviews


” I would rate this book 4 OUT OF 4 STARS. The author is a gifted writer. The writing style and humor are perfect. The hilarious jokes are executed very well.” OnlineBookClub.org


“For every single story, in every single line, you can see the author rolling up his sleeves and wrangling fun into every corner of his stories. This playful and dauntless attitude ensures that the author never shrinks away from the chance to keep beating out a rapid rhythm of events, every nook of which is filled with a new surprise. One moment your eyebrows settle back into place, the next they are shooting back up.”



“FIVE STARS. Cameron A. Straughan is a master storyteller. He presents to us the harsh reality of this world in a package of humor and hilarity. The fact that he is autistic adds a special shine to his brilliant writing style. We can enjoy the funny and absurd trysts of Anthony Zen, and if we are in the mood, we can also ponder about the deeper layers of society’s truth. It is all up to us. Pradipta Mukherjee’s cover art and illustrations match the theme of the book perfectly. I truly loved them.

I highly recommend Cameron A. Straughan’s The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen to all modern readers who like satires. This book is a must-read for people who enjoy surrealist and absurdist literature.”


See the full reviews here:








Editorial Book Review – The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen





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