Please rate your hospital experience by selecting one of the following numbers:

10 – Excellent

7 – Good

5 – Satisfactory

3 – Poor

1 – Dead

If you selected a number between 3 and 10, please provide further details in the space below.

If you selected 1, and are being lowered into a space below, please ensure your hospital room is left tidy and you have returned your hospital gown. The charge for failing to return a gown is £15.00. Please note that your parking can no longer be validated. Failure to remove your vehicle from the parking lot will result in an additional £50 towing fee. Unpaid parking fees are charged interest at a rate of 18.37 % starting as soon as you select 1. Please note that it is against hospital policy for our staff to contact your family, friends etc. to notify them of your: a) death b) missing hospital gown(s) c) parking issues and d) unsettled bills. It is your soul (sic) responsibility to reach out beyond the grave and contact loved ones to ensure prompt return of hospital gowns and/or settlement of any outstanding fees or bills.

We thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire, and we look forward to serving you again in the future – or not.

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