My GPS caused me to drive to Waco, Texas. Nothing odd about that, except I live in England. Incidentally, if you’re driving to Texas from England, there are no road signs to direct you – until you hit Cornwall. I recommend you give yourself lots of time. My GPS predicted a thirty-four day journey, but I was gone for two and a half years. When I returned to England, I had lost my job, my flat and my parents thought I was dead. When I blamed it all on the GPS, my parents – always supportive – said they heard about GPS on the news; but the authorities claimed my ordeal was the result of “driver error” (I still can’t get over that). Anyway, I recommend you stay clear of GPS. Don’t believe the hype. If all your friends follow their GPS off a bridge, would you do it too?

One thought on “Woman dies after GPS tells driver to go over demolished bridge

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