I was exploring ditches in Shoreditch when I saw what appeared to be the aftermath of a wedding party. I was concentrating on taking as many close-ups as possible when I became aware of a car stopped next to me, in the middle of the street. I looked up and was surprised to see a police car.

“What does it mean,” the officer asked.

“I don’t know”, I laughed. “It’s a potato floating in a puddle with cigarette buts and confetti. But you can see the clouds reflected in the water,” I felt impelled to continue, as the officer listened carefully. I didn’t want to come across as a crazy person. “So from my perspective it’s quite artistic.”

“We thought it was a potato in a puddle”, the officer replied .”But now that you’ve explained it. Cheers.” And they drove off.

I live for moments like that!

Possible titles for the photo:
All potatoes go to heaven
Smoking potato
Aftermath of an Irish Wedding
Meanwhile, in Shoreditch
One afternoon in Shoreditch

Any other suggestions?

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