I am very proud to present his striking portrait of an American Icon.

Witness the bold colouring and disregard for convention. Clearly the work of a mad, maverick genius of the first order. The slabs of reddish orange demand the viewer’s attention.

Notice how the artist has skilfully depicted Homer moving through multiple doors of perception, shedding one reality for another as he moves towards the viewer. Notice his gesture, implying “It’s alright. I am a friend. I am with you on your journey”. Or does the artist mean to imply that layer upon layer of contemporary life is closing in on Homer? Either way, he remains resilient. You can almost hear him calling out – “Look at me! I am NOT just a worker! I am a man, and I need love!” followed closely by “Mmm, donuts.

Is it merely a portrait, or is it a brilliant summary of mankind’s existential dilemma? Let you and your dinner guests decide when you gather around to discuss this modern masterpiece hanging proudly above your mantelpiece. Let the contest commence!

Breathtaking Original Water Colour Portrait of an American Icon – signed by the artist – 2000

The painting is signed by Jack Edmonds and dates back to 2000.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dimensions: 19 cm X 27.3 cm

To enter the contest, answer these skill testing questions:

1) What kind of hat am I wearing right now?

2) What is my weight?

3) I’m thinking about something red – what is it?

Simply message me your answers and the person who comes closest to getting all three correct wins the portrait. If there is a tie, the winner will be selected randomly. I will mail the prize to you.

Contest closes April 1, 2015.

Good luck!

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