The upcoming “Ghost Busters” re-boot may well be a disaster of biblical proportions – “Dogs and cats, living together!” Luckily, Bill Murray avoided getting slimed to star in yet another quirky, edgy character comedy, for which he is a Zen Master. “St. Vincent” journeys into familiar “Uncle Buck” territory (the 1989 John Candy comedy). Oddly, both films star Second City alumni as alcoholic, self-centred, misanthropic man-children trying to do one last thing right. Murray plays Vincent (get it?), who – despite the reservations of all those around him – ends up playing father-figure to a young man named Oliver. Life lessons are learnt, sentimentality ensues, but so does the laughter. While somewhat predictable – there’s even a scene where Vincent teaches Oliver how to fight the local bully – this film’s irresistible charm can be summed up in two words – Bill Murray.


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