Nicole Morley for Metro.co.uk

He had been working for B&M Bargains for just over a year. Trained in advanced broom and mop tactics, he left no spot unchallenged – and he was proud of it. He had heard “clean up, aisle four” many times. No big deal; all part of the job. However, on that faithful day, when “clean up, aisle four” echoed through the store, there was something different in the air. When he came around the corner, pushing his prestigious broom and mop cart, he was stunned at what lay before him. He had to lean down for a closer look. No amount of advanced broom and mop training had prepared him for this. He froze up. To make a long story short, he is still recuperating at home. Tied to his bed, he hopes to patrol the aisles of B&M Bargains once again. His family hide the truth from him. There is no going back.

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