Avoiding the boyfriend question: What it’s like to have never had a long term relationship

This is rare – a mature, thoughtful piece of writing. Usually I’m making humorous comments about some of the absurd nonsense that populates Metro, but this is an exception. I can relate somewhat. I’ve often found that, while happy being single, people in relationships sometimes (or is it often?) assume you are not happy – or they are unwilling to accept the fact that a single person could be happy. Thus, they place peer / societal pressure on you to find a partner (e.g. trying to set you up with someone). Perhaps they mean well, or maybe they want you to give up your freedom and join them in their mutual maelstrom of misery and suffering – spiralling downwards into a deep, dark abyss from which there is no escape. But I could be wrong. Maybe single people and people in relationships will always view each other with a certain degree of suspicion. In the end, always best to be yourself and find your own recipe for happiness. Anyway, thanks for sharing this article!

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