Despite the best intentions of authors and publishers, every year books are banned by councils and districts around the world. What follows is a list of some of those titles. It is by no means comprehensive.

*Sir Shagalot and his Naughty Horse

Farting – A Beginner’s Guide

Fun with Knives

How to Hotwire a Car and Other Church Camp Favourites

The Little Adventurers’ Scratch and Sniff Guide to Road Kill

Mud can be your Friend

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

Fun with Ladders

101 Uses for Model Glue

Don’t Tell Mom – How to Keep Secrets for Your Father

The Uncle Larry is an Alcoholic who lives in a Garage and Smells of Urine Picture Book

Fun with Fire

I’m Going to Meet My Biological Father for the First Time! – A Beginner’s Guide to Hitchhiking

Why isn’t Aunt Trudy Married and Who is that Woman Living With her? – A Little World of Wonder Book

Mrs. Appletree’s Tubal Ligation – A Junior Biologist Pop-Up Book

How Children can Improve There Spelling

Fun with Bodies of Deep Water

How to Climb up a Chimney in Ten Easy Steps

Peeing the Bed – Fifty Reasons Why You’re a Complete Freak

*The only book to be banned due to its title alone, without staff having read it. This is unfortunate, because it is a delightful book about a medieval shag carpet salesman whose mischievous horse keeps eating the carpet samples before he can make a sale.

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